Showing Off A Luxury Car Is A New Trend For Teens In London

Prom night is one of the cultures of school children abroad which is also adopted by teenagers in several countries. In this exciting release event, the style of teenagers who are about to leave college, generally they will dress up as special as possible. However, there is something different about the release of students in poor residential areas of England. Dozens of teenagers celebrate prom events with a range rover hire that is not legal for them to drive.

This phenomenon occurs in the residential area of ​​Tower Hamlets, East London. The aim is to ‘show off’ on the day of their school release. The purchase price of a car can be used to invest in a few houses in the settlement. I wonder what made these teenagers want to spend a lot of money to rent a car on one of those prom night days.

To rent this car yourself, students must spend £ 100. Whereas there is a flock of teenagers who rent Audi for 4 days which means he has to spend around £ 400 just to rent a car with the purpose of ‘showing off’ this.

Tower Hamlets is a settlement that is predominantly Bangladeshi. This event has been going on for the past 14-15 years, but reportedly this year is the most extraordinary prom event crowded by luxury cars.

Some students ask their parents to book luxury cars as their friends do. However, because spending on car rental far exceeds financial capacity, some of them are looking for a free car loan.

Maybe the purpose of these teens is to want to celebrate a special moment with totality. But this totality seems quite overbudget for teens their age.

If we compare with the conditions of teenagers in other cities, this is not a problem. The debate is because they are forcing something outside their limits. They did not get any knowledge from exhibiting rental luxury cars. They better focus on continuing their education at the university they choose so that they can become a useful community for their surroundings.