Why Choose A Wheelchair?

There are so many types of walking aids such as wheelchairs, canes, rotators, and walkers. Each type of aids has its respective functions. But for someone whose situation is very weak or can be said to be truly unable to walk anymore, then the walking aids used are wheelchairs that have gel cushion for wheelchair.

Why do you have to use a wheelchair, why not use another tool? a wheelchair is a very efficient walking aid for people who cannot walk anymore. In the wheelchair, there is a gel cushion for a wheelchair that is comfortable to use, and there is a backrest, where the cushion makes a tired patient can lean back very comfortably.

In a wheelchair, patients can do activities easily and can be controlled by themselves without the need for help from others. Not only that, patients can carry out activities such as eating, sleeping, watching television to defecate.

There are so many types and types of wheelchairs according to the needs and conditions of patients. There are also wheelchairs for patients with special needs. Wheelchair for patients with special needs the design is more safe and comfortable to use so that patients do not fall and can position their body more balanced. This type of wheelchair can also be used as a therapeutic tool.

The wheelchair itself was first used in 1670 in European countries, more precisely the country of England. At that time the wheelchair was used by people who were sick, injured or disabled. From year to year until now, wheelchairs continue to innovate or significant renewal. For example, in ancient times in China, someone made a wheelchair-using bamboo or wood. The development of the era until now, wheelchairs are made of various materials such as Powder Coating and Stainless Steel. The types also range from manual wheelchairs to electric wheelchairs.