What Is Close Up Magic Show?

There are so many types of magic shows that we can enjoy, both in real life or by watching videos on the internet. However, if people think of the magic show, they usually think of a grand stage where the audiences watch the magician performs from afar. However, there’s actually one type of magic that can be enjoyed closely, and you may hire the best magician London to enjoy such magic.

It’s called Close Up Magic and it Can Be Done as Stage Magic or Street Magic. Close Up Magic, is Magic that requires Direct Interaction with the Spector. 1 or 2 people at a time can be done. This Magic covers almost all styles of magic games.

Close Up Magic, Can do anything only you can do. This makes Close Up Magic, the basic ingredient of beginner magicians. Because by Doing Close Up Magic, you can immediately practice mastering your Spetactor according to the scenario you made with your magic. If you make a little mistake, Spetactor will not always be aware of it. You are the one who mastered them with your performance.