Places You Must Visit in Haarlem

If we talk about some tourist sites in Europe. So basically there are lots of locations that we can visit and visit. each of these tourist sites always has its own uniqueness and beauty. Each of these locations also always has its own different audience. You can visit the website of Siqandar to know more about Haarlem.

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There are so many countries that have the beauty and tourist location sought after by those who enjoy the holiday. one of the many countries that are always crowded by tourists is the Netherlands. This country is one of the few tourist attractions in western Europe which is always crowded with tourists. This country does have a lot of interesting tourist locations and is a favorite of travelers who come.

This time we will discuss about several tourist destinations in Haarlem. A city that is quite interesting in the Netherlands. There are many tourist sites that are owned by this city. Various types of tours that can certainly make your vacation enjoyable. Some of these tourist locations, such as:

1. Grote Kerk
Maybe for some people the name of the city of Haarlem is still not very well known. However, basically this one city is one of the famous tourist cities in the Netherlands. there are lots of interesting tourist destinations in this city. One of the tourist destinations in this city is Grote Kerk. This church is one of the tourist destinations in the Netherlands which is quite important for Haarlem. Despite its function as a religious building, the gothic-centered church is an important landmark for Haarlem itself.

2. Grote Markt
Tourist attractions in Haarlem this one can be said is one of the historic sites in the Netherlands. This place is basically a square that is very important for Haarlem. Based on some records that this location has existed even since the 13th century. Besides this location is also an important tourist destination. If you find it difficult to determine the location of tourism in Haarlem, then you can visit this place. This place is surrounded by various tourist destinations that are quite famous in Haarlem, many historic buildings that have beauty and are always crowded with tourists visiting.

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