Geofence Has An Important Role In Managing Your Company’s Vehicles

Modern fleet management offers a variety of functions that enable you to better control your fleet. One of the technological features in modern fleet management is geofence, which functions to create a virtual perimeter for the actual geographical area. This perimeter can mark the limits of your fleet vehicle’s work area, so it’s ensuring you know accurately the activities of your driver. Additionally, it can also be used to promote your location-based business, so perhaps you want to learn more about geofencing marketing.


1. Prevent vehicle theft

You will get an automatic notification when the fleet vehicle leaves the geofence area you specify. Thus, you can further investigate whether this is a theft or other, so you can take appropriate action quickly.

2. Keep work on track

Geofence can notify you when your vehicle enters a certain area and leaves. This can be a means to ensure the accountability of your driver and ensure your driver’s work is on schedule.

3. Improve business efficiency and performance

Data from geofence enriches your information about fleet performance, especially if you combine it with other information that you can from a GPS-based device. With the combination of data, you can find out, for example, vehicle operating time and driving behavior in a geofence. This information can be used for efforts to improve performance and improve business.


Geofence can be a boundary area that is determined freely or a radius of a location point. The geofence feature uses Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), or cellular data to trigger pre-programmed actions when cellular devices or RFID tags enter and exit virtual boundaries.


To use the geofence feature, you must first set a virtual location limit on GPS or software that supports RFID. Setting virtual boundaries is as simple as drawing a circle around a location point on Google Maps or connecting boundary points to form an area. After that, virtual geofence will trigger a response every time a pre-programmed device enters or exits that area.

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