Easy Way To Make the Furniture Looks Luxurious

Furniture from italian furniture is one of the important parts of a room. A room will appear alive and ‘animate’ if supported by the presence of furniture in it. However, if the furniture you have in the house does not seem fancy and look cheap? Do not be discouraged first, because here are some ways to turn furniture shabby to appear more luxurious and expensive impression.

– Paint back furniture using gold paint
Use some gold color on certain parts of furniture, for example, a coffee table with an iron frame and clear glass can be coated with gold paint, so it has a more luxurious impression than before.

– Decorate furniture
One of the techniques in decorating furniture is by knowing the furniture that attracts the most attention.

– Modified furniture
Change some furniture look in a very simple way, for example for the wardrobe in the room try to replace the cabinet handle with a new one, the guaranteed wardrobe will look very different!

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