Dangers of Teeth Whitening Products in the Market

Who doesn’t want to have brilliantly white teeth?
White teeth that look clean are one of the assets to look beautiful and attractive, in addition to a smooth face and beautiful hair.
Therefore, not a few women try to whiten their teeth for the sake of appearance.
In addition to treating the body and face, women also want to look beautiful on their teeth.
Besides the reasons for beauty, having white teeth also means that the owner is healthy.
Teeth whitening can be done at a dental clinic or buy teeth whitening products on the market.
One place you can visit if you want to whiten teeth is at the dentist west Columbia. There are many dental services that you can find there.

Compared to the first method, people usually prefer the second method. Apart from being cheaper, it is also practical to use.
Teeth whitener that can be used at home is in the form of a strip or a gel with tooth support.
The results tend to be instant, but maybe many don’t know that the teeth whitening sold on the market today can be harmful to health.
Chemicals in teeth whitening can cause permanent damage to teeth and gums because they contain baking soda, hydrogen ash, and peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide itself is a reactive chemical. At least if you want to use it in humans, you must pass a safety test, use test, and clinical test.

Another side effect of using teeth whitening is that you can feel burning in the soft tissues and the teeth will be more sensitive.
Therefore, the most important thing now is if you want to maintain dental and oral hygiene as optimal as possible, you should routinely or every six months to the dentist to clean or detect early symptoms of dental abnormalities.
Whitening teeth in a trusted clinic will be safer, even though the price is a little expensive and the results are not as white as the teeth whitening products sold on the market.
Because the dentist knows the condition of the teeth and can calculate the extent to which teeth can be whitened.

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